Data Protection

All information or data sent to Firth Investment Management Pte. Ltd. via this website, by email or in any other way connected with the visit of this website will be handled in accordance with statutory and regulatory requirements. By visiting this website, information on the access (e.g. date, visited sites, duration, IP-address) can be registered. These data are anonymized and not classified as personal data. Such data will be used for statistical purposes only, and will not be passed on to third parties neither for commercial nor for non-commercial reasons. By accessing this website you hereby agree that Firth Investment Management Pte. Ltd. may record and process any personal data that you submit and which relates to you for the following purposes: customer management, including new business prospects, management of the contractual relationship, the prevention of irregularities, generating statistics and tests, direct marketing for financial instruments and services, as well as other products and services that are promoted by Firth Investment Management Pte. Ltd. You also agree that this data may be passed on to all entities associated with Firth Investment Management Pte. Ltd. for the same purposes or to other persons in order to comply with any legal or regulatory requirement or in the event that the company has a legal interest in doing so. Firth Investment Management Pte. Ltd. will not sell your personal information.

Firth Investment Management’s designated individual for the purpose of section 11(3) of the Personal Data Protection Act is the Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO’s business contact details are and +65 6327 5983. All questions, enquiries, requests or complaints relating to data protection issues and Firth Investment Management should be referred to the DPO.